Friday, March 11, 2011

Derron Williams Painting (highly rendered characture)


This is the first of my paintings for my BFA show in August! Luckily I painted it in "grisaille", which is a french word meaning "grey tones". Grisaille, was used as the first process of painting before moving to color, by many old masters such as, "Ingres" a painter from the 19th century. It is suspected that many others such "Titian" used this technique as well. 

I learned this from current living master "Patrick Devonas", a Swiss painter who is a mentor of mine an one of my very closest friends! You can see his beautiful portrait of Christ on his web site or at Deseret Book.  

Next I would build layers of color. However, since Williams was traded to the New Jersey Nets last month and will not sign a new contract with any team until 2012, I will hold off on the color until then! I will do some touch up and make a few adjustments and changes  before my show in August but I hope you all enjoy!

I really wanted to show his ability to cut and move so I decided to use a dynamic pose. I used reference photos of a friend of mine "Steve Gewonjan", who is a body builder to get the lighting and poses I wanted. We had to lean him up against things and take separate photos for the arms, torso, and legs as it would be humanly impossible to really be in this full pose!

I hope you all enjoy!

Have you ever felt like "Jack Nicholson" would be a great devil?


I really think that "Jack" would be very good devil! I'm sure everyone has had this thought before! I just think he would be so much better received than the real devil because he is so likable for being such a creeper!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Smoker


This is a drawing I named "The Smoker". I know, its a pretty original name! I just loved how warn she looked from "life" taking its toll on her.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sketch of Oliver!


This is a sketch I did and named "Oliver". It just seemed to fit the guy! I loved his mustache and haughty expression. I'm sure he would make someone a fantastic "Mr. Belvedere" type butler!