Friday, March 11, 2011

Derron Williams Painting (highly rendered characture)


This is the first of my paintings for my BFA show in August! Luckily I painted it in "grisaille", which is a french word meaning "grey tones". Grisaille, was used as the first process of painting before moving to color, by many old masters such as, "Ingres" a painter from the 19th century. It is suspected that many others such "Titian" used this technique as well. 

I learned this from current living master "Patrick Devonas", a Swiss painter who is a mentor of mine an one of my very closest friends! You can see his beautiful portrait of Christ on his web site or at Deseret Book.  

Next I would build layers of color. However, since Williams was traded to the New Jersey Nets last month and will not sign a new contract with any team until 2012, I will hold off on the color until then! I will do some touch up and make a few adjustments and changes  before my show in August but I hope you all enjoy!

I really wanted to show his ability to cut and move so I decided to use a dynamic pose. I used reference photos of a friend of mine "Steve Gewonjan", who is a body builder to get the lighting and poses I wanted. We had to lean him up against things and take separate photos for the arms, torso, and legs as it would be humanly impossible to really be in this full pose!

I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Hey Aaron! Your artwork looks great! I am excited about your BFA show, I definitely want to come.

  2. I will definitely get you an invite! It will most likely be the second week of August!

  3. It's great checking out your work! Love seeing the warped view of the characters.